Bear Viewing

With out a doubt the most exciting tour adventure in Alaska. Walk with the Alaskan Coastal Brown Bears and watch them eating grass or feeding on salmon. An experienced guide will take you for a day hike in bear country and expect to see 10-20 bears on a trip like this. Photo opportunities are unbelievable. Must be able to hike for 2-3 miles for the day, with hip boots on to get you across the shallow waters.  We will pre-qualify you as to what to expect, what to wear, lunch info. and if you are physically able to complete the hike.  

There are a few different options for Bear Viewing in Alaska.


Coastal Bear Viewing - Early in the season we try to visit the coast of Katmai N.P. to see the bears feeding on sage grass and clams at the beach.  Great photos can be taken of bears play fighting, play mating, and just loafing around.


Brooks Falls - This is an area patrolled by park service and has many park guides to keep you safe while viewing bears from a platform overlooking the river and falls.  Catch a shot of a Brown Bear snatching a salmon out of the air while it tries to jump the falls and swim up stream to spawn.


Inland Rivers - This will entail a flight to Katmai N.P. with a short hike to the river to view the bears feeding on salmon as they spawn.  Thousands of Sockeye salmon are stuffed in little streams and rivers, easy for the bears to eat.  Your Photos will be the envy of all who see them and the stories will live on forever.

Prices range from $600-$950 per day

Multiple Day Bear Viewing Trips are available !

We can book you out at a bear camp or on a multi-day float trip down the river, camping and viewing the bears as you float by them and relaxing without having to catch a plane in 3-4 hrs  of bear viewing.  Your Guides will set up a bear fence around the camp for your protection and detection of nosy bears.