Camping and Hiking

Along the road system in Alaska are many campgrounds and hiking trails to visit and explore.  Many remote areas can be reached by hiking for several days.  Camping adventures are unlimited.  You will find there are many places to camp in Alaska and we can help you find the perfect campsite for your needs.  There are a few locally known sites without having to pay that we can show you, off the tourist map. 


Camping on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula

Anchor Point - In the Anchor Point area there are a number of state campgrounds for trailers and tents along the Anchor River, all just a short walk from the river.  Restrooms, fire pits, water, wood and garbage are the only amenities. Campground host on duty to collect fees and to purchase seasonal passes.  Be aware of river closures to for fishing.  There is camping on the beach by the Anchor River for RV's and tents.

Anchor River Recreation Area Campgrounds - 1) Coho Campground, 2) Steelhead Campground, 3) Slidehole Campground and 4) Halibut Campground located down by the beach. 

Ninilchik - There is a state campground just north of the river with great river access.  Restrooms, fire pits, water, wood and garbage are the only amenities. Campground host on duty to collect fees and to purchase seasonal passes.  Be aware of river closures to for fishing. There is camping on the beach in Ninilchik for RVs and tents

Deep Creek - There is a day parking/camping lot next to Deep Creek, small but a nice location close to the Sterling Hwy.  There is access to the beach and RV's and tents can camp down on the beach here.

Homer - There is a campground  "Hornaday Park", up by the ball fields, not too big but some nice sites and views.  

Homer Spit - For breath taking views and a great location for all the shops and tours on the Homer Spit. You can drive your RV out on the beach here or tent camp.  Designated sites are available, including Marinier Park and Fishing Hole Campground.  Plan on some wind out there, but it's well worth it.     

Chugach State Park across Kachemak Bay - Take a water taxi across Kachemak Bay to  great camping opportunities and Hiking trails.  Plan on a few days or just do an over nite, the water taxi can pick you up according to your plans, adjusting for the tides.

Seward -  Downtown Seward is plenty of RV camping on the water and a great tent camping area.  All within walking distance from town, stores, cruise ships, and the Sea Life Center. 

Exit Glacier - There is a very small campground at Exit Glacier for walk in tent camping only.  

Camping is available throughout Alaska, if you need a a question answered about where to camp on your travel route, please don't hesitate to call us here.  907-299-7121. We will give you up to date information and help plan your trip to maximize what you see and minimize any problems


There are a few hikes that you must go on if you're a hiker and want a good travel hike while visiting enjoying Alaska. Many hikes require no real planning and are accessible to from the road  system.  More difficult hikes need careful planning, such as food, water supply and protection from the elements. We provide details on our favorite hikes on the Kenai Peninsula and around Alaska.

Harding Ice Fields -Just a short drive out of Seward, Exit Glacier offers great moderate hiking up to the glacier and on the wash. Hike up to the Harding Ice Fields, it is one spectacular hike. You'll see Black Bears, Dahl Sheep and Moose as you hike up along side Exit Glacier. The views looking back down the valley are unreal, especially in the fall.  On top you look out at the Harding Ice Fields and see nothing but mountain peaks sticking out of the ice which seems to go on forever.  Plan on about a 3.5 hour hike up and about 2.5-3 hours on the way down, depending on how fast you hike and how good of shape you are in.  Bring water!  Plan on a 7-8 hour day, so bring plenty of snacks and water to keep your energy up and hydrated.  

Ptarmingan Creek Trail - North of Seward about 20 miles is a beautiful hike into Ptarmingan Lake and beyond.  There is a campground at the trail head by Ptarmingan Creek.  The trail follows the river for awhile and then drifts away a little.  This is a 3 mile hike into the lake and it takes about 1.5 hours.  A moderate hike with only a 300 foot climb in elevation.  Continue along the lake for several miles and see one of Alaska's hidden treasures.  

Chugach State ParK - Across Kachemak Bay from Homer, Alaska.  Take a water taxi across Kachemak Bay to the trail system and enjoy miles of trails including: Grewingk Glacier, Halibut Cove Lagoon, Jacolof Bay and many more...   We can help you organize a trip across the bay with your water taxi drop off and pick up times.
Trail maps are available to help plan a trip. 

Resurrection Trail - This is a multi-day hike requiring camping and careful planning, starting in Hope or at the Exit Glacier end of the trail, near Seward, AK.  State park cabins can be reserved and trail is used all year .

Grant Lake Trail - Beautiful Grant Lake is worth the hike with it's crystal clear water. Trail head starts across the railroad bridge, then across the tracks the trail starts up hill for a good climb. Then up across the open wet flatland to the tree line. Trial starts down hill from the Lake.  

Carter Lake/ Crescent lake -
East End- From the trail head parking lot the trail zig zags up the mountain on a switch back trail until reaching the flats first reaching Carter Lake.  Crescent Lake is another mile or so and can be still frozen into mid June.

West End- From the Cooper Landing area, you can start up the  trail, which is longer than the east end, but well worth it as you enjoy awesome view of Kenai Lake.