Halibut & Salmon Fishing


Enjoy spending a day on Kachemak Bay or Cook Inlet Halibut fishing or Salmon fishing with one of the Halibut or Salmon Charters in the Anchor Point and Homer Area. 

When Launching out of Anchor Point, you will get the experience of launching like a local right off the beach into the surf, with a big tractor. 


When launching out of Homer you will take off from the small boat harbor and step right on to the boat from the dock.  Most charter boats are "6 Pack" which means only 6 passengers.  Other options are available on bigger boats of up to 12-20 people fishing.  A deck  hand is on board to help you catch fish, bait your hook and land your fish.  Your fish will be cleaned on the boat and you will be handed your fish in a bag as you step off the boat.  Tipping the deck hands is always appreciated and not forgotten on your next trip.  Deck hands and guides count on gratuities.